Iconic Sportswear Maker Pledges to Go Green

With the World Cup fever still fresh in everyone's mind, all eyes have been on Adidas, one of the event's premier sponsors and a legendary producer of sports apparel donned all over the world. But the reason Adidas made it on our blog page is not because of soccer limelight, but for its recent commitment to use only recycled plastics in all aspects of their business operations by 2024. Huge move for a company of its size!

Adidas made the eco-news highlights in 2017 when they promoted the sale of the Adidas Parley shoe, made entirely of recycled plastics. Brit.co reports that the company sold a total of 1 million of Parleys in 2017, hoping to boost sales to 5 million by end of 2018. 

Adidas followed a wave of corporate action to reduce carbon footprint, with Starbucks promising to ditch plastic straws by early 2020.